What I’m Listening to While Writing #3

You may know that , every now and then, I like to do a post talking about the different songs that I’ve been listening to while writing.  Because it’s been a couple months since my last one, I thought it was time to update you all on some new songs that I’ve added to my playlist!

Strange Birds by Birdy

I love Birdy, and I included one of her songs in one of my previous posts.  The tone of this song goes so well with my story and really gets me in the mood that I need to be in to write it.  Also, a few of the lyrics definitely remind me of my main character, how she feels, and what she’s going through.

Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

Despite the fact that I never saw Suicide Squad, I love listening to this song while writing.  It’s ever so slightly creepy feel is great to get me in the writing mood, and a few of the lyrics fit certain parts of my story.

Find a Place by Iko

To me, this song is hopeful yet tinged with sadness.  It’s so beautiful, and it really works well with how different characters feel and how they interact with the main character.

Hurricane by Ms Mr

The lyrics of this song, like the others, fit perfectly with my story.  I feel like it captures how the main character feels and the plot.

January: Get out of Here by Tim Myers

Just like the other songs, this one gets me in the perfect frame of mind that I need to be in to write my story.  It’s sad and makes me think of my story!

That’s it, I hop you like this!  Let me know what songs you like to listen to while writing!  Do you like songs like these or soundtracks?  Or do you prefer to write in silence?  I would love to hear what you have to say!

Thanks for reading!


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